We can trace the origin of online casinos from 1996. Since then, there are a lot of casinos that joined the queue. For South Africa players, you can visit the benjamin-gray site to enjoy the best online casino games. So what are some of features of advanced casinos?


The Use of Cryptocurrency

Technology has drastically changed the banking industry. Gone are the days when people could rely only on banks to do transactions. There are several payment service providers who joined the queue. They include Skrill, Paypal, Neteller, and Paysafecard. They brought more convenience to transactions.

Some of such e-wallets accept the use of cryptocurrencies. The most common cryptocurrency used is bitcoin. Since its release in 2009, bitcoin has taken the market by a storm. Ability to do anonymous and secure transactions makes bitcoin exceptional. That is why it is used in online casinos.

The Live Dealer Casinos

When online casinos landed in the market, it makes a huge resistance from live casinos. People could question the lack of interactivity. Players needed to play seeing each other and socializing. That is why their nostalgia towards live casinos grew. They started going back.

However, online casino developers responded with a live dealer casino. It is a casino developed with the aim of bringing the aspect of physical casinos online. When playing on live dealer casino, you can see a real table, real cards, real players, and real dealers.

Multiple Screen Slots

The ability of a player to switch from one game to the next without wasting time makes online casinos have an edge over live casinos. If you want to play different games from different casinos concurrently, you can play on casinos that have multi-screen sharing.

  • Playing more than one game at once increases the chances of winning.

Multi-tabling is a feature that is common to most online slots and table games. Playing on multiple screens at the same time requires both great knowledge and the ability to multi-task. If you are looking for endless fun, and increased playtime, multi-tabling is for you.

Inbuilt Audience Games

There is nothing that can excite players than playing a game with an inbuilt audience. The best casino studios use known characters from a folktale, to come up with a thrilling theme. Such tales must be appreciated by a wide audience across the world.

One of the most popular games designed using a fairytale is Jack and the Beanstalk. It is a slot game from NetEnt studio. It obtains its theme from the story of a boy called Jack who visited giant castles found on the sky in the quest for reaches.

Availability of 3D Games

As computers and mobile technologies advance, there is also advancement of graphics. There are some advanced games that use 3D graphics displays. Such features put those games on an entirely new level. Playing such games will give an extra thrilling experience that is not available in local counterparts.

The best example is Jungle Jim: El Dorado game from Microgaming studio. The game is cast on a beautiful CGI background. It also has a variety of models that gives the players a richer and more rewarding experience. You can visit a top casino to play 3D games.